Non-Resident Notice (3/19/4t)

In the Circuit Court for Overton County, Tennessee

Lacie Nicole Mitchell, Plaintiff, Versus

Tracy Terrell Mitchell, Defendant,

Order of Publication Non-Resident Notice

In this cause, it appearing from the complaint which its sworn to, that the Defendant, TRACY TERRELL MITCHELL, is believed to be a non-resident of the State of Tennessee so that ordinary process cannot be served upon the above named Defendant.

IT IS THEREFORE ORDERED, that said Defendant file an answer in the Circuit Court for Smith County, Tennessee and with Plaintiff’s Attorney, LYNDA W. SIMMONS, whose address is 209 A. West Main Street, Livingston, Tennessee 38570, within THIRTY (30) DAYS of the last day of publication or a judgement by default may be entered and the cause set for a final hearing. This Notice will be published in the Overton County News for four (4) successive weeks.

This the 19th day of March, 2013.

Lynda W. Simmons,

BPR # 014424

Attorney for Plaintiff

209 A. West Main Street

Livingston, Tennessee 38570

(931) 823-8487